About Ruth

Ruth White (Musical Director)

Ruth was inspired to lead singing groups after attending the Unicorn ‘Voice Camp’ in 2000 (check out the Unicorn Camps website) which left her ” with music ringing in my ears from every sound I heard – even the car wheels had become musical, and the whole experience left me changed”

She then went on to take a course in choir leadership, shortly after which she  gathered a few colleagues together with the aim of performing at a charity event, which was a great success so she simply carried on!  She then went on to set up further groups in Letchworth, Royston and Bigglewsade.

Ruth says  “I have always loved singing and a song is never far from my lips. I love what I do, and get immense pleasure from witnessing people being uplifted and revived after singing with the group.  It’s a great way for people to shed the stresses of the day”

Ruth believes singing is a wonderfully uniting experience which brings a sense of belonging, and the opportunity to make new friends!